Yasmeen - Winner of IMTA 2015 Talent Showcase

Introducing Yasmeen, the overall talent winner of IMTA New York 2015. Yasmeen combines amazing vocals, absolutely stunning beauty, and the creative personality necessary to take the crown at IMTA. Global is humble to feature the talent Yasmeen, and to have her as a staple in the Global family of models and talent. 


IMTA 2016

There is a wide variety talent opportunities for the models, actors, singers, dancers and songwriters at IMTA to demonstrate their skills and potential. Contestants are divided into competition divisions based on age and gender. Models may walk the runway in casual wear in Jeans, in swimwear or beach wear for the Swimwear competition and in high fashion for Runway. During Fashion Print, a contestant’s best fashion photographs are shown on large screens for judging. Additional skills are highlighted during TV Beauty, in which contestants are recorded performing commercials for beauty or grooming products. Female models also compete in a photographic Makeup competition.

Actors perform a Monologue and perform a commercial in the TV Real People competition. Older actors read before a “casting director” during the Cold Read competition while youngsters perform a “show and tell” about their favorite toy in Toys R Us. The On-Camera Host competition allows actors to be themselves on camera while reading from a teleprompter in front of a panel of judges. Actors also participate in the Theatrical Headshots/Screen Test competitions where their theatrical headshot photographs are judged, followed by the actor reciting a one-liner that is both live and on-camera.

Songwriting is a new competition at IMTA where aspiring songwriters perform their original works before a panel of judges from the music recording and publishing industry. Finalists perform in the Talent Showcase and winners have the opportunity to have their song professionally recorded, as well as the opportunity to audition for a new songwriting reality show.


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